Text for outdoor lighting equipment (lighting columns, supports, luminaires and electrical auxiliaries), proposed by RAGNI LIGHTING INTERNATIONAL LLC.

The time for which the various equipment performances are guaranteed in no way relates to the average, maximum or actual life span of the equipment in question.

I. Defects giving a right to warranty

Ragni Lighting undertakes to rectify any fault in equipment supplied that results from a defect in equipment installed according to best practice, by qualified professionals following all instructions specific to the equipment supplied by Ragni Lighting, with regard to both commissioning and servicing. The seller’s obligation does not apply in the event of a fault arising from materials supplied by the purchaser or from a design of its own choosing.

A. The duration and benefit of the warranty can only be accepted by Ragni Lighting, if the buyer can prove that the storage, operating, maintenance and servicing conditions specified by Ragni Lighting have been complied with.

B. Ragni Lighting does not give any warranty for associated equipment without giving its agreement for other components in an assembly.

C. Repairs and replacement parts supplied under the initial warranty are guaranteed under the same terms and conditions as the original equipment and for a new period equal to the original one. The warranty for other parts and items in the initial supply is only extended, if necessary, for a period equal to the time when it could not be used due to replacement or repair.

II. Warranty start point

The warranty period starts on the delivery date appearing on the delivery note, accepted and signed by the purchaser or its representative. If, at the request of the purchaser, shipping of already manufactured and complete equipment is delayed for reasons beyond the control of the seller, the extension of the warranty period may not exceed three months beyond the originally defined delivery date.

III. Duration of the warranty

Warranty for luminaires, lighting columns, supports and electrical auxiliaries against all manufacturing faults: 1 year.

Galvanizing warranty (1): 3 years

Paint warranty (2): 5 years

Seaside paint warranty (3) : 3 years LED modules and drivers (3): 5 years.

(1) The galvanizing warranty, verified in accordance with French standard NF A 91-121 “Galvanizing by immersion in molten zinc”, only applies if the product has not undergone any treatment subsequent to the original one.

(2) The paint warranty only relates to adhesion characteristics, defined in French standard NF EN ISO 24-09 “Paints and varnishes. Grid test”. Ragni Lighting warrants its powder coatings against peeling, cracking or excessive fading due to normal climatic exposure in the region installed. Any damage to the finish coating will be excluded from the warranty. This warranty is limited to Ragni Lighting's option, the repair or replacement of the material involved and shall not include reimbursement of consequential expenses such as installation, removal of equipment, or transportation costs.

(3) Ragni offers a 5 Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser for a project which shall be registered with Ragni Lighting International that the Ragni fixture’s LED assembly shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for up to five (5) years from date of shipment. This limited warranty covers LED driver and LED light engine when installed and operated according to Ragni instructions. Temperature guidelines apply to LED products. Installation and operation must be within recommended operating temperatures to qualify for warranty coverage. For specific product information see spec sheet. A reduction in luminous flux is normal if the relevant value does not fall below 0.6%/1000h burning hours and is not covered by the warranty.

Extension of warranty for LED luminaires: 5 to 10 years: 20% of the price of the luminaires. 10 to 15 years: 45% of the price of the luminaires. 15 to 20 years: 70% of the price of the luminaires. IV. Obligations on the purchaser

To be able to claim the benefit of this warranty, the buyer must advise Ragni Lighting of the defects which it claims in the equipment and provide proof, and do so without delay and in writing. It must afford the seller every opportunity to see these defects for itself and to provide a remedy. Except with the written agreement of the seller, it must refrain from doing repairs itself or having them done by a third party. Any failure to comply with these provisions would involve cancellation of the warranty, except in the event of a recognized force majeure event casting doubt on personal safety.

A. Once informed, Ragni Lighting must rectify or have rectified any defect observed with all diligence and at its own cost, with the sole purpose of meeting its obligations, reserving the right to modify devices on equipment, in order to obtain the performance and warranties initially anticipated.

B. In cases where the rectification of the equipment has to be done in situ, Ragni Lighting will take responsibility for the cost of replacing equipment but excludes the cost of fitting and dismantling.

C. Parts replaced free of charge will be placed at the disposal of Ragni Lighting and become its property once again.

VI. Damages

Ragni Lighting's liability is strictly limited to the obligations stated above and it is expressly agreed that Ragni Lighting will not be liable to pay any compensation in respect of tangible or intangible damages, whether direct or indirect.

VII. Special warranties

Where specific work is required, special warranties are added to the general terms and conditions and must be covered by a written contract between Ragni Lighting and the buyer.

When imposed by the buyer, special warranties are only accepted by Ragni Lighting if accompanied by a technical definition of the covered risks and special conditions in which the equipment to be guaranteed will be required to be installed, operated, serviced and maintained in good condition. When provided by Ragni Lighting, it is for the latter to define their limits and assume total responsibility.